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  • Simple-to-Complex Discriminative Clustering for Hierarchical Image Segmentation

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Challenges of Design of Embedded Systems: Parallelism and Security
Prof. Edwin Hsing-Mean Sha , Chongqing University, China.
2015-02-09 (Mon) 13:00 - 14:00, Auditorium 122 at CITI
Optimizing Task Scheduling and Data Assignment on Multi-Core Systems
Prof. Qingfeng Zhuge, Chongqing University, China
2015-02-09 (Mon) 14:00 - 15:00, Auditorium 122 at CITI
Metro map deformation and its applications
Prof. Yu-Shuen Wang, National Chiao Tung University
2015-02-13 (Fri) 10:30 - 12:00, Auditorium 122 at CITI
Outage Constrained Robust Transmit Optimization for Multiuser MISO Downlinks: Tractable Approximations by Conic Optimization
Prof. Chong-Yung Chi, National Tsing Hua University
2015-03-03 (Tue) 10:30 - 12:00, Auditorium 122 at CITI