State-of-the-art in the practice of side-channel analysis

Speaker: Prof. Sylvain Guilley
Date: 2018-08-22 (Wed) 10:30 - 12:00
Location: Auditorium 122 at CITI Building
Host: Bo-Yin Yang



In this talk, I’ll review the current practice of side-channel analysis, both in a view to fix issues while designing cryptographic implementations and in a view to check for the compliance with certification schemes. In particular, the methodology prescribed in ISO/IEC 17825 and 20085 parts 1 and 2 will be reviewed. Then I’ll present concrete methods to identify leakages (1st step in Common Criteria methodology) and to exploit them (2nd step in CC methodology). Namely, NICV (Normalized Inter-Class Variance), SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) and T-Tests will be reviewed and their respective capabilities will be discussed. Then exploitation techniques (model-based, parametric, supervised, etc.) will be reviewed. I’ll illustrate some analyses and attacks through “use-cases” on real traces (electromagnetic, power, timing and cache-timing leakages) with the Analyzr, Virtualyzr and Catalyzr tools.


Sylvain Guilley is “Ingénieur en Chef des Mines” and Associate Professor at Institut TELECOM-TELECOM ParisTech. He has been conducting researches towards defining provable secure architectures for trusted computing for ten years. Sylvain authored various scientific publications and patents in security and embedded systems. He is a member of the IACR, of the IEEE and of the Cryptarchi club. Sylvain graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (X97), TELECOM-ParisTech (ENST 2002), and got a MSc from ENS / Paris 6 University, a PhD from TELECOM-ParisTech (2007) and an HDR from Paris 7 University (2012).