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Research Descriptions

Research Interests

Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) and computer games.


Research Directions

Research directions and topics are mainly on DRL applications, classified into the following.

1. Lightweight-model applications: Environment models are well known or tractable, so backtracking and Monte-Carlo tree search (MCTS) are allowed. Applications include Games such as board games, card games, puzzle games, etc. In the future, e-tutoring is a potential application. 

2. Heavyweight-model applications: Environment models are well known, but may be complex or intractable, so most training methods are based on training on trajectories. Applications include Video games, robots with simulator, etc. 

3. Real-world-model applications: Environment models are unknown or too complex, and these cannot be trained with a large number of trajectories. Applications: Robots, drones, 

I was awarded AI-center project grants (4 years, 2018-2021) from MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) on DRL Applications as above, and several industry-university cooperation projects on machine learning, including DRL. Many fruitful research achievements in the past were listed below.


Prestigious Research Awards

  • 2021: MOST Outstanding Research Award, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan (109年度科技部傑出研究獎)
  • 2021: IICM Medal of Honor, Institute of Information & Computing Machinery (中華民國資訊學會 資訊榮譽獎章)
  • 2018: Received AI Academic Research Award (AI學術研究獎) from the Pervasive AI Research (PAIR) Center of MOST (科技部普適 AI 研究中心), December.
  • 2018: Received FutureTech Award (科技部未來科技突破獎) from MOST, December.
  • 2017: Received FutureTech Award (科技部未來科技突破獎) from MOST, December.
  • 2013: Received Distinguished Award for Industrial-University Collaboration Project from National Science Council (NSC), Taiwan. (國科會產學計畫「產學成果傑出獎」)
  • 2012: Received Excellent Award for Industrial-University Collaboration Project from NSC. (國科會產學計畫「產學成果優良獎」)


Best Paper/Student Awards

  • Best Paper Award: TAAI 2018, TAAI 2014, CG 2013; the finalist of Best Paper Award: IEEE CIG 2015.
  • Best Ph.D. dissertation award (former Ph.D. students): Ti-Rong Wu from T-IEEE (臺灣電機電子工程學會) 2020, AAAI 2020, IICM 2020;  Ting-Han Wei from TCGA 2019; Yi-Chang Shan from TCGA 2014; Hung-Hsuan Lin from T-IEEE 2013; Ping-Hung Lin from TAAI 2010. Note: Honorable mentioned awards are many, not listed here.
  • Best M.S. dissertation award (former M.S. students in the recent 5 years): An-Jen Liu from TAAI 2019, Li-Cheng Lan from TCGA 2019, Kun-Hao Yeh from TAAI 2017, Chia-Chuan Chang from TAAI 2017, Chao-Chin Liang from TCGA 2016. Note: Honorable mentioned awards are not listed.
  • Best student award in the Go tournament of UEC-Cup 2016 in Japan: Wu Ti-Rong.
  • The second prize in Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (2009 美國英特爾國際科技展覽會二等獎): Sheng-Hao Chiang (江盛浩)