Distinguished Research Fellow (Distinguished Professor)  |  HUANG, YEN-NUN  
Journal Articles
1. C. Chen, T. Hsia, Y. Huang and S. Kuo,, "Data Prefetching and Eviction Mechanisms of In-memory Storage Systems Based on Scheduling for Big Data Processing," to appear in IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems.
2. Hong-Wei Li, Yu-Sung Wu, Yi-Yung Chen, Chieh-Min Wang, Yennun Huang, "Application Execution Time Prediction for Effective CPU Provisioning in Virtualization Environment," IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, volume 28, number 11, pages 374-3088, November 2017, MOST 103-2221-E-001-028-MY3
Conference Papers
1. Bo-Chen Tai, Szu-Chuang Li, Yennun Huang and Neeraj Suri, "Exploring the Relationship Between Dimensionality Reduction and Private Data Release," IEEE Pacific Rim Dependable Computing Symposium, December 2018.
2. Yu-Hsin Hung, Hong-Wei Li, Yu-Sung Wu, Bing-Jhong Jheng and Yennun Huang, "HIT: Hybrid-mode Information Flow Tracking with Taint Semantics Extraction and Replay," IEEE DSN 2018, June 2018.
3. Denis N. Butusov, Timur I. Karimov, Dmitry I. Kaplun, Artur I. Karimov, Yennun Huang, Szu-Chuang Li, "The Choice between Delta and Shift Operators for Low-Precision Data Representation," 2017 IEEE 20th Conference of Open Innovations Association (FRUCT2017), pages 46-52, April 2017.
4. Chien-Hung Chen, Ting-Yuan Hsia, Yennun Huang, Sy-Yen Kuo, "Scheduling-Aware Data Prefetching for Data Processing Services in Cloud," 2017 IEEE 31st International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA2017), pages 835-842, March 2017.
5. Hung-Li Chen, Jia-Yang Chen, Yao-Tung Tsou, Chia-Mu Yu, Bo-Chen Tai, Szu-Chuang Li, Yennun Huang, Chia-Ming Lin, "Evaluating the Risk of Data Disclosure Using Noise Estimation for Differential Privacy," 2017 IEEE 22nd Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing (PRDC2017), pages 339-347, January 2017.